Webinar: Treating Digital Truth Decay

As the digital landscape of privacy and protection continues to shift, it is important more now than ever to share and discuss the changing role of brand protection in the digital age.

In this webinar, we bring together experts in domain name privacy and protection to discuss brand safety.

Learn how good domain name practices can help treat digital truth decay and more...

Fake News & Viral Hoaxes

Get The Digital Brand Safety White Paper Today

A white paper written by Jamie Nafziger, around cybersecurity, the risks and value of domain names to protect brand names. Diving into the threats, common mistakes and misleading tricks scammers use to impersonate and harm brand names in the digital space. Learn what to look out for and how to protect your brand through domain security best practices.

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Jamie Nafziger is a Partner at the law firm Dorsey & Whitney, LLP and chairs the firm’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Social Media Practice Group. With over twenty years’ domain name and privacy experience. 

Listen to Jamie's webinar "Treating Digital Truth Decay" and read her white paper "Deepfakes, Fake News & Hoaxes" to learn the risks and ways to protect your brand's digital presence through domain name security.