Millions of company names end with “Inc.”
Now your website can too!

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Why Get A .inc Domain?

Your domain is how your customers find you. A quality industry and keyword domain can help your brand and business stand out. Whether it be claiming your industry keyword or using the exact match to your brand name to enhance your brand recognition, there is domain that can work for your business.

A Professional Extension

What Are The Benefits?

.inc is the intuitive domain ending for businesses. Millions of businesses already end with inc, now your domain name can too! Internationally recognized as a credible and professional ending for a business, adding .inc as a domain extension extends your brand's professionalism into its digital presence.

Who's Buying

Over 55% of Forbes "Most Valuable Brands" have purchased .inc domains

Successful Startups

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“At Collab, we are always on the hunt for new and better solutions, and we really prefer the shorter .inc url for our business,"

Dave Rosner EVP, Head of Marketing

“As a start-up building a brand, there are very limited options for simple domains without spending crazy amounts of money for a .com or the like.”

Mike Lane CEO, Founder

“We are using for our investor relations page because .inc means business and this is where our corporate content lives online.”

Paul Hughes Chief Business Development Officer

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