Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a domain name?

    A domain name is the unique web address (aka the URL) for your website. Examples of domain names include "" and ""

  • What is a TLD?

    TLD stands for Top Level Domain, which is the technical term for a domain ending. Examples of TLDs include .com, .net, .org, and .inc.

  • What is a SLD?

    SLD stands for Second Level Domain. The SLD is the phrase you choose before the TLD. In the domain name, ".inc" is the TLD and "get" is the SLD.

  • What is a registry operator?

    A registry operator, or registry for short, is the wholesaler of a TLD. A registry may operate one or more specific TLDs. Intercap Registry Inc. is the registry operator of .inc, .box, and .dealer.

  • What is a registrar?

    A registrar is an authorized retailer of domain names. Registrars must be accredited by ICANN to sell domains. Registrars charge customers a retail price for each domain, and then pay that TLD’s registry the wholesale price. See which registrars carry .inc.

  • What is a registrant?

    The registrant is the owner of a specific domain name. Registrants must pay the annual subscription fees to their registrar to maintain ownership of their domains.

  • Why are domain names important?

    A domain name can be one of your most valuable assets – it's your own piece of online real estate. A domain name is how new customers find you, form their first impressions, and recommend you to others. Your domain name is your online presence and should truly define your business.

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